Private Investigators
Blackstone Investigation Agency offers comprehensive private investigative services in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Private Investigator License #1001554

Blackstone Investigation Agency was organized over 25 years ago by a small group of Professional Private Investigators, Lawyers, Police Officers, Insurance Claim Investigators, and related personnel in Phoenix, Arizona. Our agents are experienced in a variety of disciplines, including criminal and civil claims, domestic relations, surveillance, and industrial espionage. We also offer personal and professional background checks. The Arizona Private Investigation agency’s fact-finding techniques and research efforts have been honed to the highest degree of efficiency.

While Blackstone’s private investigators do utilize the latest technological innovations, most information is uncovered by personal contacts and hard work. As Arizona Private Investigators, The Blackstone Agency provides supporting documentation for all information and prepares complete and confidential reports only to the client. This includes video tapes, audio tapes, photographs, and comprehensive statements from the various witnesses and others. Whatever your private investigation needs may be, Blackstone Investigation is there. We staff elite investigators who are dedicated to delivering quality results.

Additional Services We Provide.

  • State/Nationwide Brokerage Search – Return All Active Accounts
  • State/Nationwide Bank Search – Return All Active Accounts
  • Nationwide Utility Search – Return Current Address of Utility User
  • IP Address Investigation – Return Subscribers Name and Address on File with Internet Service Provider
  • Domain Ownership – Return Name and Address of Owner Based on Private Website URL
  • Facebook Investigation – Return Subscriber Location from Recent Activity and Provided Username
  • Background Check – Return Name, Social Security Number Verification, Address History, Statewide/Nationwide Report of all Criminal Activity
  • Employment History – Return a List of Employers for the Last Three Years
  • Welfare SSI/Unemployment Benefits – Return Address Where Benefits are Mailed to

We are your Private Investigator in Arizona, proudly serving the areas of Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Mesa, Arizona. Contact Blackstone Investigation Agency at 602-943-6600.