Auto Accident InvestigationOur Phoenix Auto Accident Investigators have a long established history of expertise in the investigation of all manners of accidents. The prompt and proper Phoenix Auto Accident Investigation is practically vital to the understanding of the case by any interested party. In the matter of Phoenix Auto Accident Investigations, we rely on the expertise of our agents, who have worked for various insurance carriers such as State Farm, GEICO, Continental Group, and Aetna Casualty. Blackstone agents have also been employed by attorneys for the plaintiff, which accounts for most of our assignments. In the case of an automobile accident, our auto accident investigators initially examine all available documentation, such as police reports and interviews contained in the reports.

When examining the accident scene, our investigators take care to document every detail. Measurements are documented, photographs taken, and traffic flow, roadway markings, traffic control, and signs are all noted. The weather at the time/date of the accident is established along with the visibility factor, where viable. We also access the municipal records for the timing and phasing of the signal lights.

Agents interview, in person, any viable witnesses to the accident and occasionally witnesses to the activity of the accident victims directly following the accident.

After our investigation is complete, we then call upon the specialist in accident reconstruction who then completes the task.

Our agents also investigate “slip and fall” cases, industrial accidents, residential accidents, and office or factory accidents.

In every kind of accident, we examine every facet of the case, every piece of evidence, (relevant or not) and interview all viable witnesses. Safety regulations and manuals are consulted, and construction and manufacturer’s defects are explored in detail.

All Blackstone investigations are the subject of a final report which summarizes the accident and subsequent investigation. These reports are supported by documentation, photographs, video records, and verified statements or recordings. Upon reading our reports, the client will know more about the matter than the victim or the witness.

Blackstone Investigation Agency provides investigative services for auto, industrial, and residential accident claims in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Mesa, Arizona.