Background Checks Our Phoenix Background Investigators collect information and evidence pertaining to all activities, past and present, of the subject under investigation. As part of a standard background check, Blackstone agents will locate prior residences, educational background, current financial condition, criminal history, and matrimonial history of the person(s) being investigated. Blackstone also performs military and professional employment background checks. When necessary, we will interview former neighbors and co-workers. With the proper authorization in hand, and a view of the law on the case, agents report on all facets of a subject’s background and current existence. When performing a business background check, corporate entities are traced back to their inception, and the officers, directors, and incorporations are discovered. Bankruptcies are examined for fraud or improper use as well as the actual filing status of the bankruptcy. Blackstone Investigation Agency works hard to ensure that all background checks are conducted without alerting the subject of our inquiries. This prevents improper revelations of scandalous behavior and protects you – our client’s – anonymity. Background checks on prospective employees or personal companions are conducted with the same level of professionalism and expertise. At Blackstone Investigation Agency, we make sure that all of our background check reports contain facts. Rumors and/or unsubstantiated accusations are reported only with full explanation of their source. Blackstone Investigation Agency provides personal and professional background check services to the areas of Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Mesa, Arizona.