Criminal Defense Investigation in Arizona

The agents of the Blackstone Agency believe that the defense of any person accused of a crime is the most important task to be accepted by us. We know, from experience, that it is the information we collect that provides the defense attorney with the evidence required to properly undertake the representation of the accused in a criminal defense case.

Blackstone investigates each criminal case with an all-out effort. Agents initially review the police reports, recorded documentation of all authorities including the medical examiner’s office, the original complaint, and on up to the indictment. We also examine all available depositions and alleged accusatory evidence.

We personally interview all viable witnesses, collecting all possibly relevant evidence. We investigate every facet of the accusation including rumors, suspicions, remarks, and alibi explanations.

Blackstone agents will also find any evidence of an alternate defendant. That is, if the alleged facts or accusations fit another theory of the alleged crime, we will pursue it.

All of our efforts when investigating a criminal defense case are coordinated and organized. We are careful to keep the defense attorney apprised of our investigation results as we proceed. Our agents include bi-lingual former officers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety as well as former (retired) detectives from the New York City Police Department.

Blackstone Investigation Agency’s reports are fully documented and our findings are supported by recordings, video or still photographs, as well as verified statements, both written and tape-recorded.