When conducting investigation of domestic relations matters in Arizona, our agents are aware that all efforts are to be kept strictly confidential. We have had a long experience in cases that involve infidelity and the domestic or matrimonial scene.

Blackstone Investigation Agency employs both male and female investigators who are assigned to domestic relations cases. We have tracked down the errant spouse who has committed infidelity and abandoned all responsibilities, including child support payments. Our private investigators have also found the spouse who simply leaves with the children for whatever reason.

Our agents have been successful in collecting sufficient evidence to support the allegations of domestic abuse as well as infidelity. In these cases and all others, documentation, photographs, and videotapes have been used to support our reports, where viable.

Our domestic investigations have exposed the married lover committing infidelity, discovered the true financial condition and actual employment, and residential location of a “friend” or fiancé.

Blackstone’s domestic relations reports, along with gathered evidence has, many times, become the most important reason for a child support petition and judgment.

All information relevant to the current or planned matrimonial or domestic scenario should be investigated. This must be done with absolute secrecy and results held in confidence always. Blackstone Investigation Agency provides domestic relations and investigative services in Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Mesa, Arizona.

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