” I am happy to recommend Blackstone to firms in need of investigative assistance.” – Denis R. Malm Esq. Wachtel, Bein & Malm Law Firm, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

“We have observed the efforts of the Blackstone Agency to be professional in every respect.  We recommend the Blackstone Agency as one upon which we depend for reliable, efficient, and ethical work.” – Herman B. Glasser, Esq. Glaser, Shandell & Blitz Law Firm, New York, NY

“…investigators are objective, concise, accurate, and dependable… ethical, honest, and professional in all regards.” – Richard Konzelman, Claim Manager, Residual Market GEICO Regional Office, Woodbury, NY

“We do recommend the agency to other lawyers with confidence and trust in the expertise and ethics of Blackstone Agency.” – Steve Leshner Esq., Van Osteen and Partners Law Firm, Phoenix, AZ

“…work was meticulous, objective, accurate and performed in a highly efficient manner.  In short, it was excellent in all respects.”  Douglas Gerlach, Esq., Brown & Bain Law Firm, Phoenix, AZ

“…persistence in tracing witnesses and obtaining statements in cases where other adjusters and/or other investigators have been unsuccessful has proven invaluable.” – Douglas L. Reyes, Esq., Tryon, Heller, & Reyes, P.C. Law Firm, Scottsdale, AZ

“…the Sanchez family is very grateful that as a result of your investigations, their son, Charles Sanchez was cleared of the two separate first-degree murder charges brought by the Marcopa County Attorney’s Office.  Both cases are now being dismissed without prejudice primarily due to the evidence discovered through your investigations.” – Rick Poster, Esq., Phillips & Associates, Attorneys at Law, Phoenix, AZ