Over the years, Blackstone agents have been called upon to verify the claims of workers who are alleged to be “disabled.” This facet of our business is very rewarding, especially when we can report that the subject of our investigation is, and continues to be, in need of Workers Compensation. In such cases, the insurance carrier is reassured that the system is working.

However, our agents have also become experts in uncovering fraudulent and bogus compensation claims. On countless occasions, we have recorded, on date and time-stamped film, activities of people who are collecting workers compensation improperly and illegally. These people, we feel, are cheating those who really need the system.

Many Workers Compensation carriers have retained Blackstone Agency’s investigative services over the years, including the Montana State Fund and Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Company.

Blackstone’s agents mount surveillance on recipients of compensation. Frequently, the subject is followed and observed at their unreported source of income. Agents have also found claimants engaged in physical endeavors that would be impossible for a truly “disabled” worker.

Our private investigators access additional records relating to the claimant in order to more fully “discover” the subject’s activities. Records from the Corporation Commission, Department of Motor Vehicles, and licensing municipal departments are obtained to further our surveillance efforts.

On one occasion, agents found the claimant in prison. While the claimant was serving time, his father was collecting and cashing his workers compensation checks.

On another case, our investigators found a claimant who was fully engaged in his own (incorporated) construction business. Our agents were able to determine that the claimant’s license was issued under a fictitious name and Social Security number.

Agents also captured, on videotape, a lady who was known in her neighborhood as someone who jogs three miles daily at dawn. Our surveillance noted the same lady “confined” to her wheelchair as she shopped in the afternoon. Before our investigation and collection of video evidence, this person had been collecting compensation checks for years.

Exposing thieves, cheats, and frauds for the Workers Compensation program in Arizona and other areas is rapidly becoming a favorite case scenario at Blackstone Investigation Agency.